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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Aquaman #10: Enjoyed this issue a lot as we delve into the past between Arthur and Black Manta and Shin is focused on as well. Is the Operative a new character? Or someone that Johns has brought back? I'm not familiar with him at all.

Batman Incorporated# 2: Morrison focused on Talia on this issue and she's given a "new" origin...although I'm not sure what exactly is new about it. We see Talia as a young girl for the first time I think, and that Ra's apparently met her mother at Live Aide in London then shunned her many years later and claimed she was dead. No mention of Talia's sister Nyssa from Death and the Maidens (possible this was what was retconned out of Talia's origin). We then see the Doctor Daark introduction of Batman saving Talia from Daark. We get the Son of the Demon stuff that Morrison has used before, he corrects his mistake that he made in "Batman and Son" by having Talia drug Bruce before sleeping with him. It is implied that this is the conception of Damian (as it was in Batman and Son, only it made more sense in the previous continuity). What's weird is that we get a glimpse of Talia making her pitch to Luthor's Secret Society from Infinite Crisis (which I believe is not supposed to exist in the 52'Verse, which again makes me question how this is supposed to even be in the New 52'Verse when Morrison constantly make reference to things that aren't supposed to exist). It is heavily implied in this issue that Talia's love of Bruce was something set up and manipulated by Ra's. Chris Burnham's art is simply fantastic in this issue as well. There's a lot going on as well. This is something of an intermission almost.
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