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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The fact that they have not even released an exact date when the Season 6 will come out does still worry me a bit.
Another example that things are not (yet) alright at Cryptic.
Software Development Rule #1: Whatever schedules you have planned is only valid on the day you planned the schedule. Quite simply, there is no way to foresee complications that can occur when you try to add new stuff to an already huge software system.

I know City of Heroes and Champs Online already have a similar Superbase system. Modifying the Suberbase system to create Fleet base is a natural low hanging fruit that the STO team can bring to STO. To convert superbase to fleetbase in 6 months is a challenging but not impossible schedule IF the team did not try to be too fanciful and pack too many new features into the fleetbase system. Anyway, its Software Engineering 101 to categorize each new feature as absolutely required, good to have or nice to have. If the project is behind schedule, the good to haves and nice to haves can be cut from the schedule.

My guess is, the fleetbase system is nearly complete but requires a few devs from the core engine team to help with the finishing touches.

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However, the basic problem still remains - the team's hands are still tied even after Season 6 is launched as they will have to worry about Season 7 which is scheduled for end of the year. Very likely, this 80-20 split will continue for the rest of the year.
You mentioned City of Heroes in your earlier makes me sometimes wish that the people who run that game would also run STO(They do not seem to have trouble of making meaningful and even fresh content to that game, even though the game is years old already..)
Most MMO devs agree that a new MMO requires a development time of three to four years. City of Heroes had close to five years of development time and as a result was launched as a very well polished game. Cryptic only started working on STO largely from scratch in July 2008 and the game was launched in February 2010. That is HALF the required time and part of the reason why I did not start playing STO from day one despite being a hardcore trekkie and MMO player. STO was born prematurely and even today the lack of polish still shows.

Don't get me wrong, I think most of the blame lies with Paramount and Atari in forcing STO to launch prematurely. In fact, I think Cryptic has done an amazing job in churning out so much content in just 1.5 years.
Where do you get your facts?

I ask becuse City of Heroes had about 3 years of development prior to launch. Cryptic was form in 2000, started CoH development around 2001 and released it in early 2004. (and I was one of the first 300 to close beta that game in 2003.)

Also, while CoH does have a Supergroup base system - Champions Online does not. CO's 'Hideouts' are about the same as visiting your Bridge in STO - there's really not much to them.

Lastly, te CO/STO/Neverwinter engine IS NOT ythe same engine they left to Paragon Studios after selling te CoH IP lock stock and barrel to NCSoft in 2007 so it could get operating capital to go off and make 'Marvel Universe Online' and partner with Microsoft <--- The deal was cut short pretty quick into development when MS asked point blank "MUO will be able to compete directly with World of Waercraft, and will see similar sub numbers, right?" And Cryptic responded honestly with "No."

They then bought the Champions IP ffrom Hero Games - atarted re-tooling the work dine on MUO into that - and went looking for someone to fund development - found Atari willing - and got bought by Atari in 2008 for 20 million.

But, in the end - there was/is no pre-esiting code for the Starbase and Fleet Advancement system - it's new tech nbeing coded into their new engine.

As for CoH and Paragon - IMO, after a promising start they' ve gone downhill fast in thatParagon still seems to like to reuse the same maps over and over (something I'm glad Cryptic hasn't done to much of in STO) - and it's pretty telling that after working a year and a half on a paid expansion (which launched quite late and sold so well they went F2P soon after and te expansion was offered 'free' to those that decide to subscribe); I'm quite happy that Paragon is Paragon and seperate from Cryptic. NCSoft hoped to use Paragon to create other MMOs; but I've yet to see NCSofyt follow though on that.

Given the size of Cryptic's team (which thankfully PWE ios at least investing and expanding, unlike Atari who instituted a hiring freeze and didn't allow them to backfill positions after putting them up for sale); I think they've done an okay job since the aquisition (although I don't agree with everything they'vce done for F2P) and are getting their feet under them; but, the Fleet Starbase and Fleet Advancement system is a big projct and hardly 'low hanging fruit'.

It remains to be seen just how well they'll implement it - but it looks pretty nice so far on Tribble.
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