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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I agree on this. I much prefer ships names not named for a particular person or place.
I really like seeing both, particularly ships named after fictitious people and places. It's a reminder that the Federation is its own culture with its own history and its own geography, not just America In Space.
Places I like, it's just people - unless they're looong dead and/or mythical figures - I don't care for.
Ah, see, I think that having ships named after fictitious individuals helps sell the idea of the Federation as its own community, with its own unique history and population. If we see ships named U.S.S. Soval, U.S.S. Sarek, U.S.S. Ra-ghoratreii, U.S.S. Jonathan Archer, etc., I think that goes a long way towards establishing a sense of an independent Federation identity.

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Excuse me. Proper grammar, please. That's U.S.S. ?.
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Pfft, I won't be happy until I see Starfleet ships named Culture-style.

U.S.S. Frank Exchange of Views
U.S.S. Shoot Them Later
U.S.S. So Much For Subtlety
U.S.S. Of Course I Still Love You
U.S.S. Poke It With a Stick
U.S.S. Ucalegon

And so on.
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