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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

The Green Slime is a mixed bag. Interesting to see a Japanese-produced/directed tokusatsu film with an American/European cast and American-written script. As one might expect, the miniature FX are extensive and pretty cool. The plot starts off with a mission to blow up an asteroid threatening Earth a la Armageddon, but they pick up contamination from the titular life form and bring it back to a space station, and it becomes a pretty standard monster-siege movie. There's a decent attempt at drama between the two male leads, who have a past conflict that parallels the current situation as well as being in a romantic triangle with the really gorgeous Italian leading lady, but the characters are kind of one-note so it doesn't really amount to as much as it could have.

The odd thing is that the green slime was just the embryonic phase (or something) of the monsters, which were blobby multi-eyed things with lobster-clawed tentacles and were gray and red rather than green. So it's not the most accurate title. Also, it bugged me that they never tried the obvious. The creatures feed on energy of all sorts, so lasering, electrocuting, or irradiating them just makes them grow. You'd think the natural solution is to freeze them, take energy away. Yet that never occurs to anyone in the movie. And what actually does defeat them seems a bit inconsistent with the premise.
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