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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I liked the teaser; the sexual tension between Chakotay and B’Elanna was intriguing. I like B’Elanna’s “street clothes”. The uniforms are not my favorite so I always enjoy seeing the crew in something different. Also, Janeway’s bun is a little different; I like the back better. Halfway through the episode, the bun is set in a different style. Maybe she should spend a little less time fussing and a little more time kicking some Kazon ass. ;D

The Kazon attack the ship and smash one of their shuttles into the Voyager in order to infiltrate the ship and steal equipment. This is what I would call a “Smash and Grab”! Seska is helping the Kazon, which explains how they were able to manipulate the ship. B’Elanna and Chakotay have another nice chat about their emotions regarding Seska, but again I can’t help but wonder if there is a little more going on with them. Maybe I just want to see it….

Seska (returning to her Cardassian form [with impressive make-up transformation]) is urging Culluh to band the Kazon together in order to gain power. Chakotay took it upon himself to take off after Seska in a shuttlecraft. He felt slighted personally, but shouldn’t everyone on the ship? Chakotay should have known better, but I guess he was a Maquis and knows a little something about going rogue. He has been quiet and “straight-laced” for ten months on the Voyager; maybe this episode was meant to remind us that he has a devious streak in him too.

He is captured by Seska, though he sends off a message beacon before he’s pulled aboard. He isn’t in the shuttle when they open it, and appears suddenly to destroy the transporter technology on the Kazon ship. Seska begins an interrogation. She’s impressed that his maquis capabilities are still strong after being a Star Fleet puppet for a year. He wiped the computer core to the round-about before he left. (Might have been more important to auto destruct.) Seska goes into a turned-on rage, but she tries to say it’s only to get the command codes from him.

Tuvok argues that Chakotay is a lost cause, and I think it’s a valid argument. Janeway is torn, but eventually agrees to go after him after a passionate debate with B’Ellana.
Meanwhile, Chakotay is being either beaten or dripped in raspberry jam. He taunts Culluh by flaunting his past with Seska. Chakotay is injected with a truth serum. Once they’re alone, Seska extracts some of Chakotay’s DNA.

As Janeway continues with a rescue mission, they find a small fleet of ships waiting for them. Torres wants to beam Chakotay out while at warp, because she’s all kinds of bad ass. “When you’re a Maquis, you don’t always have the luxury of protocol.”

As Voyager approaches, B’Ellana gets a lock on Chakotay. The Kazon attack, as B’Ellana beams him out. Seska tries to block the beam, but B’Ellana gives it a fight. The attack brings in the other 6 ships, but the other Kazon are reluctant. Voyager takes heavy damage, but as they are about to flee, Janeway gets attacked. Meanwhile, Culluh is double-crossed by the other Kazon, but as they are about to kill him, all of the Kazon leaders are beamed onto Voyager. Tuvok disarms them mid-transport, and offers to release them for Chakotay and the shuttlecraft.

Janeway gives Chakotay a scolding for being a “cowboy”. He promises to do better in the future. As the episode closes, Seska leaves a message saying that she used the DNA to impregnate herself. CONGRATULATIONS, DAD!

Favorite part:B’ Ellana, “When you’re a Maquis, you don’t always have the luxury of protocol.”

Least favorite part: Chakotay’s makeup when he was beaten.
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