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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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I would like to believe that but Alicia made it clear in the episode that she wanted Chloe to expose Clark's secret so that the two of them could live together openly as freaks. She hated being the one who elicited all the nasty looks and shocked whispers. It was classic Alicia. She really did have serious issues with boundaries.

Alicia's mistake was that she thought Chloe loved journalism more than she loved Clark.

Yup, that's basically the way I recall it as well, without pulling the DVD to watch the ep... Which I might, anyway. As you pointed out, Alicia was a real wackjob, but she underestimated Chloe's loyalty to the Big Blue Boyscout. It still would've been a lot cooler though, if the Chlovage had pieced it all together on her own. She certainly had the brains to do it.

Finished Issue 5 last night, and I'm really enjoying this, even more than I thought with all the lavish praise you two gents have heaped on Miller's efforts. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in a read on #6 later on tonight.

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