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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

"You will care! You will caare about this exclusive or you will be exterrrrminated!!"

Ahem. Anyway, this holds no interest for me -- already have a tray-less Ironside, black-out version -- but at the very least it will be interesting to see how accurate their rendition of Churchill is.

On another note, why is their 2012 exclusive from an episode that aired two years ago? Couldn't they have chosen a 2-pack from something more recent, like Madam Vastra & Jenny or a regeneration set of Mels & River, or Amy & Old Amy, or the Doctor (with shop nametag) & Craig (with Alfie in the papoose)? River in the spacesuit maybe? I'm sure there are lots of ideas better than scraping the bottom of the barrel for Series 5 stuff. Sheesh!
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