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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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I for one, liked Nemesis, but I did not care for the rape scene.
Yes..the rape scene.
The character of Troi was not treated very well in this movie.
She was there just to get married, raped..then later cried about twice, was angry..and crashed a ship.
She does not really come as an strong and independent woman, who's past experiences in the TNG series itself, should have prepared her to shrug of the mind rape stuff rather quickly
( she was possessed by aliens twice, captured by Romulans, helped Picard after the Borg incident, lost her telepathic powers, was mind raped, entered her mothers mind and so on..)

In fact all the characters in NEM seem to forget pretty much all of the stuff that had happened to them over the years, plus most of the crew gets nothing decent to do in the whole movie.Ignoring the past events of the TNG is one of the biggest fails of the film,
And does not help that they indeed edited out almost all of the character based stuff,
that actually was pretty good..and would have made the film better

I do place much of blame towards the director also.
Baird did not know Star Trek, did not care about it..nor he bothered to do much of research at all( He should have watched all of TNG, IMHO).
I wish Jonathan Frakes would have directed this one, he such a did good job on First Contact.

There are other negative points I could make about Nemesis..but I have told them so many times and I do not really feel like repeating them right now.
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