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After watching the Control and Synthesis endings... am I the only one that thought the voice overs during those montages were a tad creepy?
I just redid the ending for my second, mostly renegade, Shep and she picked control... it was terrifying. This is a woman who killed the Rachni Queen in cold blood. This is the woman that murdered Samara, then murdered Samara's daughter. This is the woman who insulted Tali repeatedly in ME1, betrayed her in ME2, knowingly sent her to her death during the suicide mission, and chose to wipe out the entire Quarian race because of that grudge. She is a monster.

And I just gave her control over a fleet of unstoppable warships.
Sort of dovetails with that conversation with Garrus where they're talking about how sometimes the galaxy just needs some sort of dictator who can get shit done and not have to worry about the consequences. If you're playing Shepard that far into the renegade category, you're basically playing Grand Theft Galaxy, and taking control of the Reapers is your moment of Ultimate Gangsta.

Which is the cool thing about Mass Effect, isn't it? Shepard can be a paragon of virtue or a complete asshole who just happens to get things done. The implications for the final ending should reflect this in a philosophical sense: in your case, the new paradigm is that everyone -- particularly the Krogan -- will have to mind their manners from now on or less Ultimate Badass and Reaper War Godess Shepard will come and spank them into the dark ages.
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