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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Given the visual evidence between the Mk I and Mk II Constitution Class it seems as if they basically gutted the ship all the way down to almost the bare spaceframe. It was hardly a cosmetic change.
You skipped the rest of what I said:

"After the incorporation of the already proven newer systems and hull components..."

Given the extensive nature of the refit, it would appear you have to do double the amount of work that a new build would have. Givven the fact that you first have to take apart the orginal ship.

There seemed to be very little left of the orignal ship, that was visible at least.
We really don't know that at all because components such as the nacelles and support pylons could be standardized parts that could be easily swapped out. The rest could be just modifications to the existing spaceframe to incorporate them.
Ronald Held wrote:
So is there an original unfit Constitution class vessel in the museum?
All that can be said for certain is that there is a Constitution-class ship in the Museum. Whether she is original or upgraded is unknown.
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