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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Picard would then essentially be lying to Scotty. Which is something I could see him doing naturally enough, of course. But if Picard ever revealed that he was equating a Museum specimen of the refitted type with Scotty's painstakingly recreated "original", the engineer would not be pleased in the slightest.

If we take Picard at face value, then he is saying that he is recognizing what he sees because he has seen it before, in the Museum. If he has seen a refitted bridge, then he has not seen what the simulation is now showing him.

Timo Saloniemi
Not really. Picard might have visited it once years ago and just have a hazy recollection of what it looked like. Why assume that people in tv shows and movies have perfect recall at the time? All he might have recalled is that it was a museum piece and more old-fashioned than the ships he's used to in the 24th century. I doubt that Picard spent as much time noticing all the details the way that fans who have re-watched all the tv episodes and movies have.

If, for example you saw an old fashioned car from let's say the 1940s at a car show, then, years later, saw an upgraded version of the same model from the 1950s, would you recall all the differences? Or would you just say, yes, I've seen one of these before? (Assuming you're not an obsessive car buff!)

As it happens, I think that the writing was intended to suggest that Picard had indeed seen one that looked like Scotty's recreation. But I still think it's perfectly valid to suggest that he could have seen a refitted version and just have said 'Oh, yeah, I've seen one of these babies before.'
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