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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I did it with my KDF toon, for sure, as well as a Fed SCI. Heck, didn't play a single KDF mission but the tutorial until LVL 50, I don't think. I then went back and checked out the half-dozen that are unique to KDF just to see what they had. STILL haven't played all the missions for that character (they just repacked the FEs for the KDF), and she's been LVL 50 for probably a year...

Before all the extras, just seemed like it actually took at least a LITTLE while to level. they just keep adding stuff worth more points, and don't add up that you can hit endgame in a long weekend at this point, and then there's not much to do. Grind for DOFFS, which is just a thing in and of itself, not much help outside the system, or you can try and grind for MK XII gear in STFs, but there's nowhere to use it but to grind MORE STFs, so kinda pointless, and the odds are so terrible anyway that it's an effort in frustration.
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