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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Honestly, they force you to grind anyway, so it would be nice if the missions were slowed down enough to only be *half* the points for each promotion. That way, you had to do some of the exploration, dailies, fleet actions, whatever at each level to advance.

Just removing all the XP that the DOFF system gets you would probably be enough to slow it back down some. Leave in the DOFF point system, but stop applying it to rank as well. Since it came out, I've leveled a couple characters almost from 0 to 50 (have to get to a minimum level to start DOFF) just using DOFF system. One character hasn't left the vicinity of the SOL system since he qualified to start DOFFing, and is a VA now. A little broken there...

If they slow it down, at least you don't fly through the missions and have all the characters sitting at end grinding to no particular gain. Before there were all these other options, it was at least a LITTLE slower on my first character, I remember having to look around a little and find defend/patrol missions to try and get those last couple points to make rank. Now you can hit VA without running any missions but the tutorial pretty much.

For a game with no particular endgame content, seems funny they want you to get there so fast. Spread some of the grind out so that you always have to grind a little, or can try different ones, rather than NO grind, and then nothing BUT grind...
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