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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

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The 25 year old Yorktown: A Time to Heal master 3/4" Umatic SP tapes completed its final digitization this afternoon at 3:35 PM. The tapes underwent an extensive restoration process which started June 15, 2012. After an exhaustive search, DC Video of Burbank, CA was chosen as the facility to digitize the Yorktown Masters. DC Video is known for restoring Apollo Lunar Landing tapes for NASA. The process involved baking the master tapes at 130 degrees to re-adhere the magnetic particles to the base. The result is a sparkling 10 bit uncompressed master looking better than the original tapes. More information about DC Video can found at

Stan Woo with the restoration team at DC Video, in Burbank, CA

Bravo! The picture looks pretty clear!
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