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It just makes me feel sorry for the people who have died or lack the money to pay and have their possessions bought by these creeps.
They're not creeps, many have broad personalities, sure, but creeps?

As much of as an asshole as he is Dave seems to be a businessman who makes a living off of selling second-hand merchandise. Same with Darryl. Brandi and Jerrod are also in business together and actually they seem to have a much larger business than is led on in the show, they have a decent sized consignment shop as well as the Outlaw line of clothing. Then there's Barry who's just an old man out for rare, odd, items and antiques. Someone who seemingly has a good cache of cash.

Besides, if someone put stuff in a storage locker and circumstances led to it going into default for a few months what else is supposed to happen? The locker place has to get the space back in order to use it again and they'd probably prefer to get some of the money they're owed back in the process. Are they supposed to just nicely hand over the stuff to their former client? What would then be the incentive to even pay the rent if you can keep your stuff in there for months, not pay, and get it back?

I recall hearing on this show, too, that someone had seen their family member's stuff on the show as it was a locker they didn't know their deceased family member had, they contacted the show and the locker winner worked with the family to recover some of the more valuable/desired items.
if you abandon an apartment full of stuff after an certain amount of time the landlord is allowed to sell it in order to cover his losses as well.

Dave must be selling an awfull lot of stuff to be able to maintain that huge building and all that staff. I watched an end of the season interview type of episode and they were saying that auction prices had gone through the roof since the show began. Tons of people showing up at auctions after watching the show thinking they were going to hit gold at every auction.
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