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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

I don't think that's going to happen at all. The show's writing is pretty consistent in it's inconsistencies. If anything, Jane might gripe Angela out for butting in, but it's far more likely that Jane will talk to Angela about it, and they'll "hug it out".

I was actually really disappointed in this episode (and the one prior).

It was boring to me. The crime plot could have been compelling if it was more focused, the subplot for angela could have been funny if we’d been given more, and the subplot for Jasey could have been interesting… if we’d had more of it. It was just too much stuff with too little time. The whole doll thing could have made a great fettish-based episode. I mean, dolls are creepy. It could have been a great long term story arc over several episodes. I feel he could have been the new Hoyt.

The problem is that there just was not enough time to amp up the creepy, which is why I think a longer story arc could have been really awesome.

But that’s generally the issue with this show. It’s trying to be all things, except you can’t really do that effectively. You have to pick one, and I don’t think crime drama is it here.

I just… I miss Hoyt.
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