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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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but will need to do some serious grinding to get the remaining couple hundred c-points needed for the Thunderchild.
You know you can like 1500 or so zen which can be converted into close to 1200 or so C-points if you do the Netflix 1 month trial and if you cancel your account before the free month is up you can do it without spending money.

And it works through paypal so you don't have to give out credit card info.
Where is this offer posted and if I do register for the free promo, when would I get the c-points - right away or at the end of the one month? Curious to know if I was to register this weekend, if I would have the c-points to spend on the ship sale. If they offer the c-points as soon as you register, could I cancel the subscription right after?
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