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Re: Feline Follies

I woke up to the sound of terrified screaming last night; it was a mouse being hunted around the bedroom by my cat.

It really started yesternight... I woke up by the sound of hectic cat activity right next to the bed. 'Maybe she just needs to find a way to lie comfortably', I thought, but as it continued I switched on the light and saw the cat digging in my box of socks that need pairing after having been washed, digging frantically.
As I watched, a tiny mouse jumped over the side of the box and disappeared under my bed, and the cat followed.
'Oh shit', I thought, and then I thought a bit about what to do: get up and chase a mouse around my bedroom in the middle of the night or let the cat take care of it and then pick up a dead mouse in the morning?
The latter idea seemed simpler and with much less midnight action demanded from me so I just turned over and fell asleep again.

In the morning I couldn't find the mouse... eventually I thought it might have been only dead and crept into some tiny place -like behind the closet- to die.

This night, then, I heard mouse-screaming again, switched on the lights and saw that the mouse had crept into the folds of a blanket I had lying on the floor (that is to say: the cat trying to get at something in the folds of the blanket was what I saw); quickly I donned the little bag, I had brought for the purpose, as a glove and reached into the fold the cat was trying to get at and grabbed the mouse -luckily it was now dead.

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