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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

++++++++++CAUTION SPOILERS+++++++
can't figure out the spoiler thing

Finished it last night and I echo everyone here. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! What an awesome book. My favorite parts were the interaction between President Bacco and the Praetor, and really any scene with the Praetor. Such a great Character and very well written.
I am Glad to see DS9 being rebuilt. What I don't get is why O'Brien is still just a Chief. You would think that after all the casualties and the need for experienced officers they would have promoted him.
Another thing I don't Understand is why this book and Plagues of Night labeled TNG. Seems they should be DS9. AS TNG, i wanted to see more with the Enterprise Crew.

I gave this an excellent rating for its character development and story line. great setup for future DS9 books. I got into the DS9 relaunch late but if we have a relaunch-relaunch, I will be reading. I was never a Ro fan but I REALLY love her as a Captain and seeing some of the DS9 crew return is excellent.
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