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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Picard would have still known it was a Constitution-class bridge--regardless of it being original or refit--by both the ship display near the turbolift and, of course, by Scotty being there.
Quite probably so. But if Picard considered any arbitrary bridge layout "Constitution class", the scene would lose much of its meaning.
I see no reason to believe that. Picard would have known it was the original Enterprise bridge no matter what simply by Scotty's presence there.
Or, it was the last of the Constitution-class ships to be retired from active duty and was placed in the Museum after Scotty's disappearance.
I find it difficult to believe that Starfleet would keep any TOS configuration ships in active duty in the 2290s, two decades after the first verified refit of one.
Exactly my initial point, they wouldn't, so it would have been a refitted version in the Museum.
Why, the Enterprise might have been the first Constiution Class ship to have gone through the refit process. After which Starfleet could have determine that it was more efficent to just build new ones from scratch rather than refitting exisiting ones, and just retired the old configuration ones. Placing one in the Fleet Musuem.

Or they simply wanted to preserve one as it was.
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