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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

Scotty probably has more memories with the refit version of NCC-1701 than the original
Irrelevant when we see what he has deliberately chosen as his preferred mode of entertainment.
Actually, his preferred mode of entertainment is irrelevant since the holodeck program simply showed him a configuration from Kirk's time (likely a historical default selection because of the 5-year mission).
I don't believe this is a fact at all.
Decker did, and Kirk showed him to be right.
Um, no. Outside of TMP, there has never been a distinction between the original and refit configurations of the Constitution-class, and even then it was a case of the ship having been recently reconfigured. Otherwise, both versions are considered Constitution-class and onscreen material has backed that up more than once (in Star Trek VI and in TNG).
Any connection between the two incarnations of NCC-1701 is semantic at best.

Scotty specifically asks Picard "You're familiar with them?", as regards the Constitution class. Picard doesn't say yes, but he says there is one in the museum. If Scotty takes that for a yes, and the museum piece is a refit, then he's being had. And if Picard intends for this to happen, he's lying for a cause.
Actually, it really only means that Picard is familiar with the Constitution-class and that he knows there's one in the Fleet Museum. The one in the Museum would still be a Constitution-class if it was a later version of one so there's no lie there nor an issue of semantics.
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