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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Thrawn wrote: View Post
Holy good god DAMN that was good. Jesus. I've often admired DRG3, but he really outdid himself with this one.

If you've been reading the 24th century stuff since Destiny and you were looking for anything else from this book, I just don't know what to tell you.

That moment with Vaughn and Kira in the wormhole gave me chills. I just sat there saying "wow" out loud a few times.

Knocked. It. Out. The. God. Damn. Park.
Boy that didn't suck. Just finished it about 20 minutes ago & gotta say that was pretty damn awesome. I reread the end of Plagues Of Night right before diving into Raise The Dawn & envisioned Majels' voice: 'Last time on Star Trek: Typhon Pact'.

I won't go into specifics since I still haven't learned how to use the damn spoiler thing but I agree with Thrawn about the scene in the wormhole, the fates of both made me bow my head to them. I know they're characters in a book but I think most of us have grown to love them in one way or another.

The scene with Sisko & the Founders was good, found myself saying 'please let's not piss these guys off, again'.

The end was very cool, both Sisko & the last scene. I will admit that I was very pissed over Sisko's portrayal in RBoE, but I take it back because it makes sense now even though I can still hear Joseph Sisko scolding Ben, 'Benjamen Lafayette Sisko, what has gotten into you?'. As for the final scene, I hope that is the start of more stories.

I honestly have no idea what more one could want from these two books except for the Aventine to show up to get the whole band back together, but they weren't needed for this one.

I was sad about what apparently happened to Sela. It's too bad this franchise doesn't have carbonite to put her into cause she would have made a nice room decoration.

I really do enjoy the Typhon Pact storyline, just really has upped the game in the stories, not so much in the Voyager story yet but if there are Andorians in that fleet I can see that happen as we will I think in the next Titan novel. I also like it that even though there were chances in here to start a new war that it didn't happen, though I honestly wonder what is going through the Dominion's heads right now. They can't be happy.

I really don't want to see an all out war between the UFP & the Pact as some here are convinced will happen & I don't think it will. It really isn't in the best interest of either side nor the franchise, besides we already have war in Trek, its called Star Trek Online. I do enjoy this sniping back & forth that has been going on however, its been fun.

But as Praetor Kammenor said to President Bacco (minor spoiler): 'It's a big galaxy, I don't see why we can't share it'. That scene there has me strongly thinking she's gonna either be taken out or damn near. If the novels follow what happened in the Countdown comics (which they could ignore some of it) I think there is a different Praetor by 2387 which isn't far off now.

Did I mention I really liked the book?
Long live DS9!

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