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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Sorry, we recently moved. We've only recently got internet back....

Now--next chapter!

A note: I had actually written a scene with Admiral Janice Rand. Our favorite Yeoman, you may recall from my early days as a BBS member, is actually my "other crush" in the Trek Universe. In "Redezvous", more of you may recall, I esablished that Rand was Ezri's mentor at the Academy. Small Universe? Perhaps...but I thought it'd be nice to bring my two favorite Trek ladies together.

Anyway--I cut the scene, in part because it was too redundant--and in part, to be honest, because I thought the writing wasn't particularly good. (In its place is a brief summary in the second scene, here.) Perhaps I'll include it after I'm done with the story--and you all can be the judge.

Now--without further ado...

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 15

It was time. At last, the day had come. And for this day…the Federation stopped.

Near a world long-suffered, near a passage across the galaxy…a station waited in silence. Friends for so many years—including one former major, now a vedek—stood watching a single screen, in support for one of their own….

On a starship called the Robinson, a man—alone among many—sat in his ready room, having alerted his first officer that he was not to be interrupted for the entire day. While the rest of the crew were also watching, and waiting…it was not the same, for them. For him…this was a matter of the soul—witnessing the fate of a close and dear friend.

On a starship called the Enterprise—and another, called the Titan—the senior staffs watched with more than a little sense of camaraderie. Two captains watched as the fate of a third—a third who had stared into the jaws of desolation along with them, who had along with them snatched from those jaws a victory for all, a chance to survive, and to live—the fate of that third captain would be revealed.

In the First City of the Klingon Empire, its chancellor sat in an office of his own…making a solemn oath with himself, and with Kahless on high, to retain his control…and wait.

In the capital city of the Romulan Empire, a half-Vulcan ambassador sat in silent meditation, listening to the broadcast in his chambers. He listened…and meditated, to retain his control…and wait.

The Federation News Service would be astonished at the ratings they would receive, this day. The entire Federation was watching. Nine trillion souls and more would witness this battle of justice…and nine trillion souls and more held their collective breath, as Captain Ezri Dax took the stand.

* * *

“State your name, rank, and position for the record.”

“Ezri Dax, Captain, commanding officer, U.S.S. Aventine.”

“Place your left hand on the panel, please.”

She did so. As the computer listed everything, she looked around her…taking in all the people she recognized.

There was the senior staff of her crew—Sam, Simon, and all the rest. With them was Admiral Janice Rand—her mentor at the Academy. The admiral had visited her, last night, to give Ezri her full support. Like so many others, Rand had condemned all who were so eager to condemn her, Ezri, for doing what had had to be done.

There was also Julian…Sarina sitting beside him.

There, up on the press balcony, was Jake Sisko and his own crew—watching, recording all, broadcasting it live, for the rest of the Federation to witness these events.

Ezri knew the rest of her friends would be watching—as would her family…well, the members of her family who were still alive. But for the others, Ezri felt, there were other ways to witness. Captain Picard, and Riker, had sent her messages of support—and she had smiled upon hearing of Chancellor Martok’s response to these events. When the president had informed her of Spock’s similar support, yesterday…she had nodded in gratitude, unsurprised.

She raised her right hand.

“Captain Dax,” said the bailiff, “As you sit before this hearing, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you, what higher power you might answer to?”

Ezri nodded. “I swear.”

The first series of questions were pretty predictable—questions on her record, her service, and so on. It was all routine, and she answered them all faithfully.

At last, T’Latrek asked, “Captain Dax…in your own words, would you kindly state, in as detailed an account as possible, your recollections of the incident in question, in its entirety?”

Ezri nodded. “With pleasure, Councilwoman.”

And she paused for a moment, to gather her thoughts, her memories…and began.

* * *
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