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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

When I was sitting in the theater on opening night watching Nemesis, I had no doubt that the film would bomb, that the Star Trek movie franchise was over, and that I would be glad to see it go*.

The RLM review posted upthread by MANT! echoes a lot of my thoughts. The film was self-indulgent, uninteresting, pointless, but worst of all unpleasant, and therefore ill-suited even for popcorn escapism.

Contrast this with the other turkey of the film series, STV. Yes, STV was embarrassingly awful, but at least it was sorta fun, and it certainly wasn't viscerally in bad taste. And after watching STV in the theater, I only felt as if the movie franchise were teetering on the edge, rather than getting flushed down the toilet.

To boot, STV was an anomalous low point after a generally well-regarded high point in TVH. NEM on the other hand was just the decisively sudden conclusion of a downward spiral of irrelevancy, begun by INS, and crashing into the ground.


* - At that time, I hadn't yet considered the possibility that TPTB would boldly go to recast Kirk and Spock, while I could still get around under my own power.
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