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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

A week or so ago I received a copy of Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual. It's a bit quaint by today's standards, but it has a lot of interesting tech information in it about the various pieces of hardware and ships we saw in Alien and Aliens as well as some stuff we didn't see.

But there are two elements of this book that really make it interesting. The first are fictional excerpts of marines recounting their experiences when using some of the hardware described. It's all made up, but it's interesting to read. And often they talk very much like the marines in Aliens expressed themselves.

The second thing thats interesting are the excepts of scientists analyzing the reports and data they got from Ripley, Bishop and the Sulaco logs. It paints an fascinating and also chilling picture of a corporate minded society were even the scientists are somewhat corrupted by it. They speak of Burke and his cold-blooded intent to get Ripley and Newt impregnated by face-huggers, and they don't sound all that bothered by the idea!

The other thing that jumps out is how Ash and Burke were both in on some sort of information about the xenomorphs and highly interested in getting hold of a live specimen and hopefully an impregnated host as well. The Nostromo wasn't just responding to a distress beacon, but its computers were on the watch for any kind of signal that could lead to the xenomorphs. It suggests Burke also had a hand in setting up the colony on LV426 and making certain the marine force sent there later (with Ripley) was of nominal size---a reasonable show of force but not as large as perhaps it should have been. And a point was made to put an inexperienced officer in command. WTF!!!

There is also a lot of excerpts of scientists conjecturing on the nature of the xenomorphs and trying to understand them and how they exist.

Now I have no idea how any of this could tie-in to Prometheus or if Ridley Scott was even privy to anything in this publication, but a lot of it does seem consistent with what we saw in the first two Alien films. If one accepted the nuggets in this book at face value then it means the events in Prometheus become known back on Earth and/or Shaw eventually finds something that gets some folks back home really interested in finding out more about these xenomorphs.
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