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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

I'm not going to go at length about it again (see the "hypotheticals" thread), but I like it as well.
I wouldn't say it's the best TNG movie, that's First Contact, but it's not bad.

I'd rank the Trek movies:

1. First Contact - it had everything, drama, humour, action, character developpment, overall hopeful outlook towards the future,...
2. The Undiscovered Country - best writing quality in the ToS movies.
3. The Wrath of Khan - most rank it first, I know. It's good, but I just can't see what's so special about it.
4. Nemesis - has flaws, but stil enjoyable.
5. The Search for Spock - interesting theme but boring execution.
6. The Motion Picture - so infuriatingly slow-paced. Makes the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey look positively hectic.
7. Generations - can a plot be any more shoe-horned? "we want Kirk to personally hand the torch to Picard, let's get an excuse for that!" It's a fan indulgence, but a completely unnecessary one.
8. The Final Frontier - some good dialogues, but overall a mess. And those special effects... that was Jaws 4 in space, maybe even worse! (not really, the Jaws 4 shark has to be the worst special effect in the last 50 years of Hollywood)
9. Insurrection - I liked Picard's love interest, but everything else about this movie was just silly and the plot made little sense. A huge mess.
10. The Voyage Home - written by some fanfic-writer's feet, this is a movie that lowers your IQ, a crime for a any movie, doubly so for a Trek movie. A couple of chuckles don't make up for the sheer idiocy of the script, sorry.
11. JJ Abrams' Star Wa... Trek - nameless abomination.
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