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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

FF 19 featured the kids on a field trip to Wakanda, taking place during the current Fantastic Four arc. A fun story about the kids without an adult in sight. The Future Foundation finds a new member, a Wakandan girl who helped the team with a group of local scavengers. With this story, I could definitely see the FF kids supporting their own book without the constant ties to the main book, which make it hard for FF to stand on its own at times.

Avenging Spider-Man 8 is an epilogue to then "Ends of the Earth" storyline that just wrapped over in Amazing. I actually haven't read "Ends" yet, but a few weeks back a glitch at Amazon had the HC listed for $10, so I took the plunge and decided to buy the epilogue issue as well. As an epilogue, it obviously spoils the main story, but still stood alone as fun read.

Hit-Girl 1-- Taking place inbetween Kick-Ass 1 & 2, and shows Mindy trying to adjust to a "normal" life. Mindy recruits Dave to be her sidekick and promises to train him if he teaches her how to be a "normal" little girl. Of course, nothing about Mindy's life can be considered "normal", but its fun to see her try. She laments that she can take on any thug that the world throws at her, but doesn't know how to handle the mean girls at school.

I was planning on buying X-Men: Legacy and Wolverine and the X-Men through the AvX crossover, but finances have become an issue and I've had to cut back. Just as well. According to the solicits, Aaron will be bringing in his "Hellfire Tots" villains into the WatXM AvX crossovers, whom I consider to the the Jar-Jar Binks of X-Men canon, so I can't really complain about dropping it.
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