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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

Some of my favorite J.R.-isms:

J.R.: Well, last night we went to the Oil Baron's and we ran into that termite brother of yours!
PAM: Are you talking to me?"
J.R.: Anyone else in here gotta termite for a brother ?
PAM: Just Bobby!
J.R.: A conscience is like a boat or an airplane. If you feel you need one, rent it.
J.R.: I have a very special feeling for your sister. I hate her.
J.R.: It's only slander if it's not true.
J.R.: I wouldn't give you the dust off my car!
J.R.: Contracts were made to be broken, honey, but a handshake is the law of God.
J.R.: Alright, if you want to ruin your life go ahead. But you're a whole lot dumber than I ever thought a brother of mine could be. With the exception of Ray and Gary of course.
J.R.: Sue Ellen, why don't you have the parking attendant fetch your broom so you can fly on home?
J.R.: Hey Pam, it's getting kinda late, shouldn't you be out meddling in someone's life?
J.R.: Gary and Ray? Well, what's a family for if it can't take care of its losers?
J.R.: Cryder, you just joined the crowd!
WILSON CRYDER: What crowd!?
J.R.: The crowd of people who lived to regret underestimating J.R. Ewing.
J.R.: You really want to help?
DUSTY: Of course I do.
J.R.: Then why don't you go on in the house, throw Sue Ellen over your shoulder and carry her the hell off Southfork?
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