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After watching the Control and Synthesis endings... am I the only one that thought the voice overs during those montages were a tad creepy?
I just redid the ending for my second, mostly renegade, Shep and she picked control... it was terrifying. This is a woman who killed the Rachni Queen in cold blood. This is the woman that murdered Samara, then murdered Samara's daughter. This is the woman who insulted Tali repeatedly in ME1, betrayed her in ME2, knowingly sent her to her death during the suicide mission, and chose to wipe out the entire Quarian race because of that grudge. She is a monster.

And I just gave her control over a fleet of unstoppable warships.

What's more, after killing Wrex in ME1, causing Eve to die by destroying Maelon's research, and curing the genophage, the finale epilogue slides showed that Wreav was raising a Krogan army, presumably to exact revenge on the rest of the galaxy.

While the slideshow is a little cheap, it does the job of making the various endings feel different. My first Shep's epilogue was bittersweet, forcing me to dwell on some of the more questionable decisions I made, but with the knowledge that civilisation had survived and the races were now united. My second Shep's epilogue... completely different.

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Speaking of bullshit, did anyone else roll their eyes at the Catalyst's expanded description of Synthesis? It says that it had tried similar solutions in the past, but theorized each attempt had failed because the outcome had been forced upon the species in question. It says that Shepard can make the choice - except that Shepard is then acting in the Catalyst's stead, and still forcing that outcome on the species of this cycle. There's no difference.
Yeah, they just tried to handwave away the moral implications of forcing synthesis on every living being in the galaxy with that one. "It can't work if the people aren't ready, but it will work so the people must be ready."
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