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Re: what's next for Marvel (movies)?

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In the Iron Man 3 thread, I mentioned a "Playlist" podcast with info on IM3 that I couldn't access at work. Now that I'm home, I listened to the whole thing, and it turns out that there is all sorts of future Marvel movie info.

The first 20 minutes is about DC movies and JLA. The Marvel stuff begins at 21 minutes.

There is a ton of info and casting speculation and possible spoilers, but in brief...

Edgar Wright's supposed choice to play Ant Man is actually kind of uninspiring and would make the character too comical. The only interesting way to do Pym is to make him a bit darker (but probably hold back on the abusive husband bit).

This blog actually has some great choices to play various Marvel heroes ( I esp. liked the werewolf guy from True Blood to play Hercules)
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