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Re: Where No Man Has Gone Before....

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It was a bit confusing, for me, how the Valiant, ESP, and the energy/alien cloud thingy tied together, but I got the gist for the overall story.
I always thought that was crystal clear. The barrier affects people with ESP. The Valiant's log is a hint of what's to come, and drives Kirk to act without a lot of exposition.

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The awesomeness of Gary Lockwood is awesome. His onscreen characters, unfortunately, seem to have issues whenever he is in space.
Department of Redundancy Department? lol

I wasn't aware Lockwood was ever in space. Too bad for his characters.

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...introduces a new word term like “nova,” a word that comes off to be synonymous with “awesome” or “cool” or “out of sight” (i.e. damn, she was so “nova).
Or "wild", "crazy", etc.
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Sulu is present, but doesn’t really have any lines as I recall.
Astro sciences standing by, Captain.

If you want the mathematics of this,
Mitchell's ability is increasing geometrically.
That is, like having a penny, doubling it
every day. In a month, you'll be a millionaire.
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