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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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-The photo of Tom Hardy as young Picard. We're supposed to buy that Picard was bald as a youth (in fact, with even LESS hair than he has now), despite contradictory evidence from the TV series.
I always laugh at the things people get hung up on. It's quite possible he simply shaved his head at some point while in the Academy. Many people go through multiple hairstyles over a lifetime.

So I don't see it as being contradictory to the TV series.
Picard just went through a neo-Nazi phase? Or was he always balding and just bought progressively thinner toupes as he got older?

But on topic, the whole premise of Nemesis is just a fail. The Remans. This race supposedly "bred for war" Highly xenophobic and thinking themselves superior. So why are they even following Shinzon at all? He's a human slave. Like all xenophobes they should treat him as a second class citizen, no matter how fond of him that Viceroy might be. By all accounts he should have been the one calling the shots and maybe just indulging Shinzon, his favorite pet friend, by bringing Picard in for the transfusion whatever.

For that matter how did a group of slave miners, manage to secretly build a super death ship, complete with a doomsday weapon and a cloaking device more advanced than anything the Romulans had? Did they just have research labortories in those mineshafts that the Romulans missed? Not to mention a fully functional ship yard, material, manpower to build it, and the technical know how. I don't know too many miners and soldiers that can build a functional naval ship nonetheless a spaceship.

Also, the Remans... what axe do they have to grind with the Federation? We overthrew our oppressors, yay! What's the first thing we do? Let's take on our oppressor's enemies! That makes perfect sense. What? Use this doomsday weapon we pulled out of our asses on our oppressors? No, that makes no sense whatsoever.

And really for a race "bred for war" they get shotdown by the dozens. Hell you even have Picard dual wielding phasers against em video game style. You'd think they'd be trained in oh... basic marksmanship since they were shock troops during the Dominion war.

Shinzon himself just makes dumb decisions too. What the heck was up with mind raping Troi beyond just showing anyone in the audience that's too dumb to realize it, that he's the bad guy? Not only that, he does it while he's trying to decieve Picard that he's a nice guy. Wow, if only Picard had realized something was up and raised shields after Troi reported that one. I can get that he's curious about Picard and his human side, so I'll give him a pass on delaying things when he could've acted sooner.

Now during the battle, even there Shinzon's dumb. So.. after taking down the Enterprise's shields, he sends his men over to capture Picard for the technobabbletransfuseitwithmydnapwnedlol whatever thing. Makes sense... until he beams them over 10 decks down from Picard. And if that wasn't dumb enough, the very next scene he swings his ship around and blows a freaking hole in the bridge. The one place Picard is guaranteed to be. Maybe he just knew plot shields would protect Picard?

Now the final big flaw in the movie was Data's death. Not the fact that they killed him, but how they did it. So Picard beams over, kills a dozen more Remans and fights Shinzon to death hand to hand. Yeah Stewart always wants the action hero bit, but never quite filled it. Anyways... then when Shinzon dies he just... freezes. Does nothing. He's apparently so upset about killing his clone that was gonna die anyways, he just doesn't care about his ship getting wiped out by the death ray whatever. So Data has to come in and slap the transporter tag thing on him and kamikazee himself. Yep Picard, live with that one. "Data died because I sat on my ass and did nothing."

You wanna kill Data off in a satisfying way? Have the Remans be competant and capture Picard. Have them strapping him to the DNA sucker machine. Then have Data jump in, phaser Shinzon, slap the transporter thing on Picard and blast that power core thing that was convienently on the bridge. That would have been a meaningful sacrifice and one that wouldn't have left you felt wanting.

Apparently there were all kinds of issues with this movie. Apparently the director was so inept he couldn't even remember people's names for example, and the aging crew just almost seemed burned out on this one. So TNG ended with a fizzle and not a boom.
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