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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

It might have been a much later ship.
Much earlier, probably - a holo-simulation of a pre-refit, TOS-style bridge was what prompted Picard's mention of the museum ship in "Relics".
Not necessarily, because Picard would have still known it was a Constitution-class bridge--regardless of it being original or refit--by both the ship display near the turbolift and, of course, by Scotty being there.
The fact that the museum held such a ship need not have come as news to Scotty; the museum ship might have existed for decades before Scotty's retirement. Picard was only mentioning it to explain how he knew about Constitution class ships, not because he thought Scotty would need to know about what ships were in the Starfleet Museum and what were not.
Or, it was the last of the Constitution-class ships to be retired from active duty and was placed in the Museum after Scotty's disappearance.
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