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^From the in-game codex: -
* CAPITAL SHIPS are Sovereign-class Reapers two kilometers in length. They typically target the dreadnoughts, defense installations, and industrial cities of organic civilizations. Experts believe the Reapers harvest a single species of organics during each cycle of extinction to create these massive ships. Some capital ships are capable of launching small drones equivalent to fighters.
The thing you kill at the end of ME2 would just have been the central core of the Reaper, like the one you find Legion next to in ME2--which was also shaped like a lifeform. The 2km long hull is a shell that gets built up around it.

I think EDI even mentions after the Tuchanka mission that the destroyers appear to be of a uniform design, the Sovereign-class Reapers are all uniquely constructed (though, of course, still very similar.) Actually, that's something else that bothered me. At the end of ME2 you see the full Reaper fleet with some very different looking designs, but in ME3, all we see is the ones that look exactly like Sovereign and the destroyers (plus a cameo from Harbinger.) I realise there's a limit to how many assets they can use in-game, but I'm sure they still could have been used in the pre-rendered scenes.

As for your last point: -


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