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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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Jonathan Harris was on Star Trek? I don't remember that. When was he on?
I know the IMDb isn't perfect, but I can't find a mention of Harris being on any iteration of Trek, or Dallas for that matter.
That is my bad entirely.... I meant to write "Joshua Harris" -- he played Christopher Ewing in the later years of the series and also Timothy in TNG's "Hero Worship."

Peter Mark Richman (Ralph Offenhouse from TNG: "The Neutral Zone") was on Dallas in Season 2's "Old Acquaintance," playing Maynard Anderson, who has to dump Jenna Wade as a mistress when he gets appointed to a high-profile government job in Washington.
I'd forgotten about Peter Mark Richman. I knew he'd been a staple on Dynasty, but completely forgot he'd been on Dallas too!
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