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Steven wrote: View Post
I think there may have been a few additions during the early parts of the Earth mission, but I can't say for certain.
There was nothing new that I could see, and most other people only noticed new content beginning with the run to the beam. There may have been more, I suppose, but if there was it was so minor that it wasn't worth the time it took to play it again.

I'm reminded by a quote from another famous video game AI.

"It was a morality core they installed after I flooded the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin, to make me stop flooding the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin."

Reverend wrote: View Post
You know what? I *really* appreciate that they did that. It gives that earlier scene more resonance and it reinforces the idea that your choices have consequences.
Yeah, I kinda liked that ending. I know a lot of people see it as a "fuck you" to the fans that didn't like the Catalyst, and maybe it was, but it's effective and it brought back a plot point from one of my favourite scenes in the game, a plot point that was otherwise forgotten.

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't re-insert the extended dialogue between Anderson & Shepard, but perhaps they felt it wasn't a good idea to tease the player with the possibility of a happy ending when in all but (maybe) one outcome, that would be impossible.
I'm surprised they didn't fix the comically out of place "STEEEEEEVE!!! sure?" from the beginning of the London mission.

You know it just occurred to me that there was no mention/depiction of the Rachi (if you save them both times.) Rather annoying as it was one of the major moral choices in ME1. I mean just a slide of them helping the Krogan rebuild Tuchanka would have been perfect.
I got a slide of them rebuilding what I presume to be their homeworld, but a lot of people didn't seem to get that for some reason. I'm just one of the lucky few, I guess.

Here it is:
__________________ many different suns...

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