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Something else that occurs to me: am I correct in assuming that there's still one more mass relay left untouched by the crucible wave? That is, the one say out in Dark Space and connects directly to the Citadel. What if the Reapers left one of their own behind to guard it? There could still be a reaper out there, presumably now free from control.
Someone already data mined the files in the EC patch and found what appears to be dialogue text for a future DLC. If it gets made, I think you'll like it.

Original thread on BSN is here:

That's actually quite interesting. I did wonder if there's something buried in the files regarding future DLC.

You know it just occurred to me that there was no mention/depiction of the Rachi (if you save them both times.) Rather annoying as it was one of the major moral choices in ME1. I mean just a slide of them helping the Krogan rebuild Tuchanka would have been perfect.
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