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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

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^Agreed, the thread is a great reference for choosing a new Trek book. I hope to see more threads for older books added in the future(hint, hint)
I've just started reading the DS9 relaunch and I'm thinking about posting review threads for each volume, but I'm not sure it'll attract much traffic.
Well, I for one certainly wouldn't mind discussing some of those with hindsight ... plus, I think the review threads are kind of a long-term thing, in the sense that it'll always be OK for future board visitors to unearth even a really old one and append their own review there (and the ranking table should help a little with finding them).
That's great thanks, Sho, I'll do that. I won't post a thread for The Lives of Dax because I'm not sure how rating anthologies work.

How do you think I should do the thread for Avatar though? Split it into the two parts, or all under one thread?
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