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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

However, the basic problem still remains - the team's hands are still tied even after Season 6 is launched as they will have to worry about Season 7 which is scheduled for end of the year. Very likely, this 80-20 split will continue for the rest of the year.
The fact that they have not even released an exact date when the Season 6 will come out does still worry me a bit.
Another example that things are not (yet) alright at Cryptic.

You mentioned City of Heroes in your earlier makes me sometimes wish that the people who run that game would also run STO(They do not seem to have trouble of making meaningful and even fresh content to that game, even though the game is years old already..)
Nothing against the STO devs personally, though..just been getting lots of bad vibes from the players in the past few months,
while reading the forums.

Season 6/7 really are the breaking points when it comes to the future of STO.
These two really need to succeed..and succeed well.
Season 8 should be used to improve the KDF side and to fix the multiple bugs that still exist in the game, IMHO.
Do not get my wrong, I still love the game..and I think its a good game.
I still lock in and play, almost daily

All this means that when Season 6 is released in July, we will see a huge injection of game content that the team has spent 80% of their time working on. But after that, we will go back to getting a tiny trickle of content from August till Season 7. Worse still, replacing Heretic and Gozer won't cause a new "creative spurt" because the new devs will be working under the same constraints that Heretic and Gozer had.
True and the new people also need to get used to the game mechanics..and to lots of other stuff,
before they can get to work on whatever they will be doing.
I doubt we will see the updated PvP anytime soon,
unless Gozer managed to do something significant to it before he said that he would be leaving.
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