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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I don't think translation issues are that big of an issue.

Lets take a look at Prometheus. Current Worldwide takings are at US$263m

Of which ~US$110 is from the N. American Box Office
The rest being from the rest of the world, of which ~US$45 is from English Language speaking countries.

So ~US$155 or 60% from English language countries.

Avengers Assemble is about 52% takings from English speaking countries. So it would appear that the largest percentage of takings come from English speaking countries.

The Dark Knight is about 65% from English language countries.

Obviously the N. American box office accounts for most of the takins, but countries like the UK, Australlia generally do healthy takings given their relative size to the US.

In the UK Prometheus has taken around US$30m, if you factor into population size difference that would equate to around US$130-140m. So thus far it has done better in the UK relative to population size than it has in the US.
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