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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Superman Vs. the Elite

...for me, this is one of those middle ground DC movies, not too bad, not too good. l like the fresh attempt to usher Supes into the 21st century by having him appear to take off the kid gloves. And it was good to hear George Newbern back as the voice behind the tights, even though he sounds exactly like Tim Daly.

Delta Force

...Chuck Norris steppin' on necks. 80's cheese at it's finest, though l like Missing ln Action more.

God Bless America

...this is everything Natural Born Killers should have been, and more. Who knew Bobcat Goldthwait was such a good director? You should probably not watch this unless you have at least a little bit of hate for American pop culture. l am in awe of this movie.

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