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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

Excuse the double post, but just as a heads up, the five leftover threads I mentioned above are now in the ranking.

Also, Rosalind very very kindly agreed to do another round of renames for me. When I sent in the original list of renames to be done for consistency purposes back then, I was unaware of the rather harsh length limit on thread titles, and so only chose to acronymize/abbreviate the sub-series names I felt were excessively long otherwise. As a result some of the thread titles ended up lacking author names that could have fit otherwise, and some sub-series are ill-prepared for future novels with longer titles (in the sense that needing to acronymze/abbreviate to fit them is then going to cause inconsistency with the past titles). Given all of this, I've sent in another list of 21 renames that is going to make the titles consistently use acronyms/abbreviations for the sub-series names and add back a lot of author names (and the odd missing exclamation mark here and there).

Yes, I'm obsessed .
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