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Ok, ya know what? I'm satisfied! Never thought I would say it, but I am. I went with Destroy just because I could not allow the Reaper to continue in any way, shape or form. And as long as the 2km tall death machines were still flying around, that threat existed. I feel horrible for what happened to EDI and the Geth, they did not deserve their fate. But, the needs of the many...... Still, I feel horrible and in my mind, EDI and the Geth somehow may have found a way to survive. Being software, not hardware, maybe they found I themselves up.......I dunno. I enjoyed the extra little scenes with my LI (Ashley), even made me tear up a bit I will admit. Plus, I noticed something. Alot of people have complaining that the "breath scene" is still the only thing pointing to Shepard being alive. But I noticed that unlike the other 2 choices where your love interest clearly places Shepard's name on the wall, accepting his death, in the Destroy option she held his name, looked up and smiled as if she somehow knew at that moment that he was alive. So I have a feeling my Shepard and Ashley will be having a reunion. Plus, the last bit of the game was obviously not in cronological order so here is how I figured it all went down.


-Catalyst does its thing.
-Fleet retreats via FTL.
-Mass Relays and Citadel are badly damaged.
-Normandy makes a soft crash landing for whatever reason on alien world not that far from Sol.
-Normandy communication equipment damanged, out of contact with Alliance.
-Shepard wakes up onboard badly damaged citadel, likely receives treatment.

Weeks Later

-Crew holds memorial for Shepard, whom some think is likely dead (not Ashely).
-Shepard recovering.
-Repairs on Mass Relays and Citadel underway.
-Normandy is repaired, takes off from planet to reconnect with Alliance.
-Crew reunited with Shepard, finding him to be alive and recovering.
-Fleets still trapped in and around Sol system.

Months Later

-Mass Relays starting to come back online, slowly but surely.
-Fleets begin to make journey back to respective homeworlds.
-Citadel repairs continue.

Years Later

-Mass Relay Network back to 100%
-Citadel fully repaired
-Everyone living happily ever after (as seen in the "slide show")

And somewhere in all that, EDI and Geth are found to be alive......somehow......probably not....but I can dream.

Either way, THANK YOU BIOWARE! Thank you for fixing most of the issues I had with your otherwise GREAT game.
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