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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Let me preface this by saying I did not read all 55 pages of posts. I don't think this movie deserves the credit.

First off, did we really need to have the incredibly graphic scene of Shaw climbing into the pod and been sliced open and pry out what my girlfriend called "Her baby octopus." It was totally a gross scene for the sake of being gross.

Corporate mission or not, these people take absolutely no precautions during this mission. "Oh, the air is breathable here? And we're on an alien planet that no one has ever set foot on? Let's take our helmets off!" or "Oh look, this alien got his head cut off by a door, let's take it with us on board our ship when we have no idea what could happen!"

As for Janek's booty call, it was a poorly written scene. Vickers treats the entire crew like shit from the first minute she wakes up and suddenly she's sleeping with the Captain. If you need him off the bridge for ten seconds for the other two nitwits to get pulverized, there has to be at least a thousand different waits to get him off the bridge.

Weyland's whole theory is just stupid. If a scientist comes to you and says we may have found our Creator on a planet millions of miles away, I don't care how sick I am or how little time I have left, I am not going.

There is just too many things wrong with this movie. It is just too stupid. If this is what Sci Fi is becoming, I'm afraid.
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