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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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You know, I find the double standard here interesting. We jumped down one person's throat for the conservative leaning images, but the liberal leaning ones are a-okay!

005's images were funny, creative, and looked like they took at least some effort to create. Spocked's images were none of those things.

005's images addressed actual policy concerns he had with Romney rather than simply being kneejerk anti-Obama or anti-Democrat pics with no actual commentary beyond "I don't like these things."

005's images don't contain any small penisy type things like "I don't like hippie Prius' just because, so fuck you, I'm going to dickishly pollute even more than I have to." It's just a hybrid electric car, it's not personally delivering horrifying environmental legislation to ram down your throat or making you drive it, so what are you so threatened by? BTW, conservatism used to be about conservation and protecting the environment too before it got hijacked by the current radicals who would think Nixon was a hippie treehugger for starting the EPA.

The poster's history comes into play as well, with Spocked's posting career since stepping down as a mod taking on a rather one-note anti-liberal-democrat/Obama/environmental, etc. nature, sometimes even when it has nothing to do with the content of the thread. 005 doesn't have that issue in the opposite direction. When one sounds like a broken record, people tend to want to turn it off or tune it out.

Expressing a personal opinion one way or the other is not actually a double-standard anyway, any more than someone saying they prefer Led Zeppelin over Styx is (am I aging myself there?). If Spocked had been forbidden from posting anti-Obama photos while anti-Romney photos were given the go ahead, that would be a double-standard. Anything else is just people speaking their mind, and obviously since there are more liberals on the board their opinions are usually going to be more prominent.

While I'd prefer that we refrained from making this thread too political precisely because it does tend to lead to tangential discussions like this instead of just posting more funny pictures, I realize that in the lead up to the election that's a bit of a hard sell. So, I would hope people would at least put the effort into it to make it creative and humorous like 005 did and focus on policy disagreements rather than "Democrats/Obama or Republicans/Romney are bad, mmkay?"
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