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Re: Tom Paris - awesome or vastly underused?

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I would not have minded if Tom had gotten more screentime, but as it is, he's one of my favorite Star Trek characters. He never got dull or annoying, and I really enjoyed the dynamic he had with the rest of the cast. I feel like he had chemistry with everybody, and Tom and B'Elanna remain to this day my favorite Trek couple. At least B'Elanna was bitchy because she was half-Klingon. What was Keiko's excuse?
Miles was a great Engineer but he was a dimwit as a husband.
Keiko did have reason to get annoyed with him when she did. Keiko was very mature, Miles acted like a little boy allot. Keiko was raising a child while Miles was playing with toys and video games with Julian. She treated him how he acted.
I think Miles should have been allowed to act however the heck he wanted to without getting flack from his wife, considering how hard he worked. She barely did anything worthwhile.
Use this speech on your future wife and watch her reaction.
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