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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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What really salted the wound, though, was that Spiner and Stewart blamed the fans for failing to appreciate "The Picard-Data Show," a term I think I coined (no great honor -- it was there for all of us to see). In other words, the two stars with script approval made it all about themselves.

While many here rag on Shatner, I hope they'll notice that he went way out of his way to give everyone good moments in TFF. If we had had the barest glimpse of similar cast camaraderie in NEM, I know that my own feelings toward it would be much warmer.
Absolutely agree. For all of TFF's faults, interaction between the main cast members isn't one of them. I'd go as far as saying that, in that one regard, it does the best job out of the six TOS movies of duplicating the camaraderie of the original TV show. The plot built around it is another matter entirely.... So, yes, if Nemesis had shown that level of care for the TNG television series camaraderie, it is possible that we might not even be having discussions like these.
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