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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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I'd have thought after 10 years, people would have mellowed a bit and not be as harsh towards it.
Maybe a deathbed repentance, but for now it still sucks just as bad as it did ten years ago. It stands as the only Trek film that didn't leave me with a good feeling as I exited the theater. But this wasn't because it ended on a somber note. It was because I felt these people didn't even try to make a good movie this time.

-The characters don't feel like the ones I grew up with.
-The plot is a hackjob rehash of TWOK (for a really good rehash of TWOK, see 2009's Star Trek).
-Shinzon mindrapes Troi. Mwahaha! He's evil, folks! Don't cha get it? Well, yes I do, and I didn't need this completely pointless and uncomfortable scene as a reminder.
-ANOTHER heretofore undiscovered Soong android?! Bitch, please!
-The Remans being depicted as Urk-hai wannabes.
-The photo of Tom Hardy as young Picard. We're supposed to buy that Picard was bald as a youth (in fact, with even LESS hair than he has now), despite contradictory evidence from the TV series.
-Shinzon needing Picard's blood to save his own life, yet putting this supposed dire need on hold at every turn.
-Data's death. Like Kirk's in Generations, this was completely unnecessary and could have easily been avoided. To make matters worse, with B-4 you're essentially implying the same cop-out used to bring Spock back in TSFS. But at least Spock's death meant something. His death taught Kirk a lesson about no-win scenarios and "how we face death is at least as important as how we face life." Data's death has none of this. It's just BOOM! Data's dead. Moving on, with Riker being inexplicably unable to remember the name of the song "Pop Goes the Weasel." One of the easiest song titles in the world to remember, whether you've just lost a friend or not.
-Two words: dune buggy.
-This was Jerry Goldsmith's least inspiring Trek film score, made even more sad by his death a few years later.

The one positive I can draw from this movie is that the opening scene depicting the assassination of the Romulan Senate is just awesome, and was something I did not expect. Kudos for that one.

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