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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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The Rockies just reassigned their pitching coach, Bob Apodaca, to the position of special assistant to the General Manager. It's a good start, but G.M. Dan O'Dowd now needs to be reassigned to special assistant to the guy who sells cotton candy.
MLB Network was reporting he asked to be reassigned. I don't blame him. The "plan" they have set up is absolutely ridiculous.
Yeah, just heard that too. This 75 pitch count nonsense is a last grasp at reigning in their ineffective starters, and at the same time they're going to kill some decent relievers. It's too bad really because on paper, the line-up is pretty decent. This season is a write-off and they need to take a look at all of their pitching prospects in both Colorado Springs and Tulsa.
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