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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

So 1.3 is out. Haven't tested the social gear adaptability yet, and haven't really been doing social anything to prepare, anyway. Used to be only my light-armor toons i'd group-grind bt or the pub equivalent on. And that mostly just so I could find a decent pair of pants. After color-coordination came in, the color of a pair you could get at a given social level kinda stopped mattering.

As far as group-finder, I have no idea what the concept is here. You get placed in queue for just one specific flashpoint, regardless of level (my lv 44 got offered foundry, which is a 37, ergo i get 0 xp from it), in order to gain some extra comms that correspond to whatever planet you should currently be questing on. Broadcasting the desire to do a specific flashpoint doesn't seem part of its functionality.

They've messed about with pvp a bit. AOEs colored to correspond to friendlies/enemies make sense, cause in same-faction you never knew if you could walk through any of them. It's more difficult for defenders on voidstar to run between the first set of doors now. And relics useable only for PVE kinda pissed me off.

I'm liking the new augment thingy.
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